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Have you just moved offices? or relocated your business or maybe you are wanting to move location,  maybe the office is full of rubbish and junk that you are wanting cleared. Wombles are experienced in clearing offices in Hartlepool. We know the time constraints faced by businesses and have knowledge of restrictions placed on businesses by the local authorities. We are efficient and well experienced in dealing with all your commercial office and business waste.  We can help with: Office appliance recycling/removal office furniture removal, office electrical waste collections, commercial metal recycling, building material clearances recycling in Hartlepool With new technology moving at a rapid pace, businesses are regularly upgrading and changing electronic items. This creates a lot of electrical waste that can and should be recycled. Are you recycling all your old computers, printers and monitors?  offices and businesses create a lot of recyclable waste, such as paper, cardboard and even materials such as plastic and wood. All of these waste items can be recycled, some will be easily recycled via regular waste collection but bulky and some specialist materials require our specialist services.  





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