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  • How does it all work?
    We ask you a few simple questions over the phone and that's it - it really is as simple as that. Let us do all the work for you as we do this everyday and we understand you might not of ever done this before.
  • Do we pay you or do you pay us? for a house or business clearance
    This is where different jobs vary, some clearances have a few saleable items and we take this into consideration and deduct this from our labour and tranportation costs, most clearances have old items of furniture and general rubbish and this is where we then pass this cost onto the customer as disposing of waste in England is not free. We work out our labour fee + the waste fee - saleable items = the cost of the job. In some cases the items are all saleable and if this is the case we pay you cash for these items.

House clearance company in Durham, House removals in Durham are just a few services we provide throughout County Durham region.

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