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House And Office Clearance Company In Washington.


Hello and welcome to your local friendly house or business clearance company in Washington, we have been clearing properties in Washington for many a years and over these years we have become friends with quite a lot of our customers and we would now say nearly 80% of our work now comes from folk who has either used our services before, or we have been recommended to them, which is fantastic news. Here we are not just about making money or treating our customers as (just another job) we actually care and we treat every home as if it was our very own. We also understand many people who need our services may have never used a similar service beforehand, as let's face it, how many house or business clearances does one need in a lifetime? Hopefully not too many.

It is not just house or business clearances that we do here at Wombles, we have several services available and these vary from perhaps you wanting to hire a chap in a van to assist you with some items of furniture from one place to another, or as others call it nowadays a "man and a van" service or maybe you might have some rather heavy items that you might want moved location so therefore we offer you 2 chaps or even 3 chaps and a van and these chaps carry out all the manual lifting of these items. Therefore our customers just instruct the chaps where the Items are to go. All our vehicles come well prepared with lots and lots of blankets and straps to secure all items during transportation and vehicles can also have the correct trolleys on them if required too.

So then, if one is in need of a "chap in a van" or a "house or business clearance" and one's property is in or near  then why not give our friendly team a call today. If you desire one of our team to come out in person prior to the job taking place, then we will be happy to do so.


Hire A White Van Man Or Maybe You Need To Hire 2 Men And A Large Van For Moving Items.


We offer the people of Washington our Chap in a large van service from as little as £30 or even 2 charming chaps in a large van also from £30.00 this is an excellent way to carry out those smaller moves as in a couple of items of furniture moves from one location to another or maybe having a few items cleared away. If you are looking at hiring a large van with the driver then our team are here to assist you.

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